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    Well, the spammers have finally figured out how to send out bulk “likes.” Yesterday I received a spam “invitation” to join a website that does just that – the idea being that by signing up you can have thousands of likes placed on blog posts automatically, which causes the blog owner to click back to your site and drive up traffic stats. I deleted the spam, of course, but almost immediately I started getting bulk likes to my posts, usually in groups of 10-15 by a single user. I clicked through the first couple, and both took me to sites offering traffic generation services. So now, “likes” on a post don’t actually mean anything. I’ve turned off showing likes on my posts, but there is no way to prevent likes, so this appears to be just another WP “service” that spammers have highjacked and we have to endure.

    I should mention that it was about a year ago that I gave up paying any attention to “Followers” – I still get new ones every day, the bulk of which lead to an empty blog. WP insists they are real subscribers, but one day I got a new subscription from a blog that I knew about, and when I asked the owner if they had subscribed they said no. When I brought that up in the thread I had started about it, nobody answered and the post was closed.

    The blog I need help with is beetlesinthebush.wordpress.com.

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