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Like This Appearing in comments

  1. jronthecoastofnc

    Like this appears after each comment, yet not selected to appear in the post. In addition when a comment is selected to go to, it shows Like this "loading" under each comment and the screen flickers/jumps about and appears to keep re-connecting and does this for about 5 seconds or so. Also happens to any WP blog I visit.

  2. jronthecoastofnc

    Others now reporting and saying it's acting like a jumping bean.

  3. Same problem here, "like a jumping bean" at my place too - help!!

  4. Oh goodness - what have they done now? Anyone tried to load a post with 200+ comments? Makes yer eyes go funny!

  5. jrinnc and knashermac2009, are you using the Redoable Lite theme by any chance? There were other problems with it recently, wondering if it's a new issue with the theme?

  6. I'm using Coraline theme. Seems to have been put back now, so lets hope they stop fiddling :-)

  7. Perhaps Staff is testing a new feature?

  8. Thanks knashermac, seems to be fixed at my place too, although everyone is feeling extremely dizzy!

  9. Thanks Timethief, that might be it. Back to normal now.

  10. jronthecoastofnc

    Back to normal for me too - Will close ticket.

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