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Like to Add a couple download buttons

  1. Hiyas!

    Well, after seeing that I am getting my blog page set up I am wondering about the following scenarios. I use Firefox 11.0 and would like to add a widget for Firefox downloads, is this allowable??

    I would like to add also a widget that would have a "live" feed from a weather site so when people see my page they can see my current weather, is this also allowable??

    How many widgets can I have?? I saw a number like 10 but on my home page I have 11.

    Thanks in advance!! :):):)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Downloads OF Firefox? That would depend on the way in which Mozilla allows it to be released.

    "Live feed" widgets generally have javascript, but if you can find a non-javascript widget, you can use it.

    You can have almost an infinite number of widgets.

  3. See here for a weather widget > Widgets for blogs: 5 – weather

  4. @timethief, THANK YOU!! it works like a charm LOL!! I carefully copied and pasted the code and put that in my text box and when I looked on my page there it is. Thanks!!

  5. You're welcome.

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