'Liked' myself in error

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    I meant to click on the number of bloggers to see the gravatars, and clicked on ‘Like’ instead. Bummer!
    Is there any way of removing my own gravatar from the list, please?

    The blog I need help with is margaretrosestringer.com.



    Click the same link to unlike.


    CRIKEY! – it never occurred to me.
    Sighh …
    Thanks, timethief: don’t you wish all the questions you were asked were as simple to answer?


    Didn’t work.



    It always works, provided you are logged in under the exact same username account that you were logged in when you clicked it originally.


    How could I be logged in differently? – you’ve got me, there …
    I never change anything!


    All that happens when I click on my own gravatar is that I’m taken to my gravatar page …



    How many username accounts do you have?
    Which one were you logged in under when you clicked the like button.
    That`s the one you have to be logged in under to click the same button again to unlike a post.

    Log out of one account and clear your browser cache and cookies. http://en.support.wordpress.com/browser-issues/#clear-your-cache-and-cookies
    Then log in under the other account and click the same like button to unlike the post. http://en.support.wordpress.com/browser-issues/#clear-your-cache-and-cookies
    After you do the login in an click the like button again to unlike the post clear your browser cache and cookies so you are not viewing cached version.



    All that happens when I click on my own gravatar is that I’m taken to my gravatar page …

    Gravatars are linked to gravatar profile pages. Don`t click it. Click the like button like I told you to do.


    Now don’t get mad, timethief: I’ve told you before that I’m a moron! ;-)
    Of course I was clicking on the gravatar rather than on the ‘Like’ button: I had thought of that once, but was too terrified to touch it because I thought I might show up as having liked myself twice.
    Sorry, me old china – and thanks!



    Hooray! You got it.


    Eventually. :-(

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