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  1. I frequently receive an email notifying me that someone 'likes' my post but the icon is not visible on the post page.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Just to clarify. In my latest post 'The Forgotten Man' it says that there are two 'likes' but only one icon is showing. I received an email about the second 'like' but it is not showing up. This has happened often on prior posts.

  3. Thanks for reporting the mismatch. I'm bringing this to our developers and I'll keep you posted.

  4. Thank you. I noticed some improvement in that icons for some 'likes' changed to pictures. However I still have missing likes. For example, earlier today I received an email saying that hanspostcard like my post 'The Forgotten Man'. However that 'like' does not show up on the post.

  5. Hi Malcolm, while the count of users who liked your posts is always correct, the gravatars are only shown for those users who uploaded their picture. Before, the default "quilt" gravatars were shown, like the ones you see in the comments for users without a custom picture.

    So if 9 users liked your post, and only 7 have custom gravatars, you'll only see 7 "faces".

    One reason for this change was to encourage people to update their profile pictures. I can see how this can be confusing, so we are working to update the display of likes further based on the feedback from you and other users.

  6. Thank you. I wasn't aware of the change so that explains matters. Unfortunately it does mean that in reviewing posts one can't immediately see all the people who liked the post (if they did not upload a picture that is). It's hopeless trying to wade through old emails to find the 'like' notification. Consequently I hope you come up with some other idea that enables us to immediately see who liked a post whether or not they have uploaded a picture.

  7. Thank you for your feedback, I've passed it on to our developers.

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