“Likes” are very i18n unfriendly

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    Following good experience of other reporter, I’ll try reporting issues that are more deeper in wpcom. If problem is solved successfully, expect flood of related reports from me.

    There are two main issues with “Likes”: they don’t use plural forms and their placeholder usage for post types is very unfriendly. For both cases, here is an example.

    You and %s other bloggers like this %s.

    In use:
    You and 2 other bloggers like this post.

    Problem is that post (type) is shown in original, English form. We need to have: 1) all separate cases for each post type 3) placeholder while post type would have context so that we know that its used in this exact string.

    Other issues:

    • if there are two or more placeholders, there should be argument swapping like %1$s, %2$s, etc, because of different order
    • sentences shouldn’t be splitted without meaning (eg: other bloggers like this %s.)
    • tab on homepage showing likes doesn’t have all strings in gettext
    • strings in top bar (already discussed)

    Most of this issues are common for whole wpcom code and developers should follow some standards in i18n, most of them are covered on the Codex.

    Now lets see results, in the past mostly we didn’t see them.

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