Likes but no views?

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    I have recently published this blog and i have been getting likes and subscribers but my blog is not getting any views? if any of you could help it would be much appreciated. and also on an unrelated note my clock is also seven hours fast. Don’t really know if that is just where WordPress is headed but yeah. Thanks, Spencer

    The blog I need help with is



    my clock is also seven hours fast

    The default timezone for all WordPress blogs is UTC time.
    Go here please > General > Settings > scroll down and set your personal timezone by selecting the city nearest to you and then click “Save changes”



    the same is happening to me. I don’t understand how I can have say 3 people who “liked” the blog but i only get for example 1 view. how can some one visit a blog, click the like button, and not show up as “viewing” it? weird!



    Well, for blogs this is quite common, but we need a link to your blog starting with http, in order to see if it’s a or blog.

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