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    There were some blogs that I hit like on today, but later when I wanted to read the blogs again and went through the “blogs I like” tool, only three of the blogs I liked today appeared instead of the blogs I in particular wanted to look at. What’s going on?

    After several of the blogs I follow stopped appearing, even though the author/artist is still posting, I figured it was time to start trying to connect with someone in support or whatever.

    When people are liking my blog, are the likes disappearing?
    When people follow my blog, do my blogs stop updating to them after a while? I post almost everyday, this would be quite disappointing.

    The blog I need help with is



    We Volunteers don’t have an answer to this question. I’ll flag this thread for Staff attention.



    I have the exact same problem. Clicking on Like in the reader doesn’t seem to do anything anymore (since yesterday I think).



    Same issue here.


    same issue. I have recently subscribed to a wordpress blog to follow, and it doesn’t appear on ‘Blogs I Follow’ in Reader, nor is it on my list of followed blogs. I receive news of new posts only through email.

    I also have the same issue as previous posters with Likes not appearing.

    This is thread is a month old and I note that there has not been any response beyond the initial one…..


    The main thread for issues with the Topics page and the Reader is here > As Staff are monitoring that thread and you can post into it I’ll flag this one for closure.



    Thank you for posting the correct link and for alerting the mods for thread closure

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