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Likes don't count toward Reads?

  1. This morning I got a notification that someone "LIKE"d my post... but I don't see any "reads" for today. (It's been hours between then and now, so I am guessing not just a "lag" issue.) I understand that if someone reads my posts via email subscription without clicking through I won't see them as a read, but how can someone have LIKED my post without first READING my post? (The post in question was published today, so it's can't just be that the notification came a day late or anything like that.)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If someone subscribes to your blog in their Blog Surfer, it doesn't count as a read because they're only reading the RSS feed, but they can still Like the blog post.

  3. There's no "LIKE" link within the subscription email (you actually have to open the post to get to LIKE). Is the RSS different in that respect?

  4. Yes, but you can if you wish disable sharing options on your feed. I believe that's under the Sharing options, but it could be under Settings->General too.

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