Likes even when no like button is enabled

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    I don’t allow “likes” as I tired of spammy ones, so I no longer allow people to “like” my posts. No button shows. Yet I am still getting “likes”! How can this be? Can it be fixed?

    The blog I need help with is



    Let’s pretend I am subscribed to your blog. You publish a post and it appears in my reader. There are two ways I can “like” your post:
    1. I can click the “like” button in my reading list above your post;
    2. Or I can click into the blog, read the post and click the “like” button.

    I assumed that when we disabled the “like” button it could not be clicked in the reader but maybe this isn’t the case. Please contact Staff and report the issue. Then after Staff reply to you will you please be kind enough to return to this thread and update us all on how this is happening to you?



    Just came back to this. I have contacted Staff.

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