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Likes or Thumbs Up on comments

  1. I've been on many websites where the comments include inconspicuous little gray arrows to rate each comment up or down. Sometimes there are Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down icons. Has WP given any thought to adding such a feature? It might encourage more and better comments.

    I'm hesitant to suggest yet another Like feature that spammers could exploit, but since those able to comment have already been allowed to do so by the blog administrator, maybe it could work.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. They already appear on at least one of the Staff blogs I visit in the Reader so I'm sure they are being tested currently. I'm very nervous about allowing anyone to rank and rate comments. Comments are hard to get period and I'm finding myself grossed out by the amount of bean counting that's going on. Yes, of course, the buttons will be abused just like like buttons are abused by some.

  3. @windwhistle
    In my first comment I was referring to this:

    I've been on many websites where the comments include inconspicuous little gray arrows to rate each comment up or down.

    Do you know about these too?

  4. I wondered if there was some testing going on. One of my readers mentioned seeing Likes on my comments and I hadn't seen them. I assume or hope they'd be set up so that only people already approved for comments could use them. Or be made optional so we could turn them on or off. Or both.

    I skipped the ratings for several reasons. They're too indicative of how many readers I don't have, they clutter the interface, and I have more than 2,000 old posts that would sit there mostly with no ratings at all. They also seem sort of redundant if Likes are already enabled.

  5. The notion that we will be able to disable any "sharing" feature in the Reader is unlikely IMHO. From what I see the Reader is the new black and will continue to be fleshed out like a magazine, which appears to be aimed at presentation of be full features and full posts so visitors don't have to bother to click into the blog at all.

    I'm so glad I didn't choose to get a custom design upgrade, as who would see it or the featured older content on the blog? Why would anyone bother to click past the passive aggressive message that appears in the Reader when we insert the more tag? it makes it appear as if doesn't approve of the content.

    I also believe many of our dashboard functions will be replaced with the stuff they are developing here and the customizer.

    I'm getting email from new bloggers who don't have a clue how to log in to their own blog's dashboard or how to create posts there. They think they are supposed to login at and they create posts at

    The complexity for the site design as well as the complexity of learning how to blog on what used to be an easy to use beginner friendly blogging platform disappeared when the we want a CMS people were accommodated.

  6. I don't use the Reader, so am not up to date on everything that can be done from there. I think it's criminal that it does anything more than show a blog excerpt/teaser and a link to our blogs where they can read the full post, Like it, Share it, and/or comment on it. You make an excellent point that it totally devalues all our efforts to create a nice-looking blog. And it really discourages paying for a premium theme, although I broke down last month and did it anyway.

    Good points about the site complexity too. There are fine points I forget about or don't fully understand (that keep getting changed without any notice to us!). And I got tangled up with the Customizer recently, trying to do something with my header, when in fact everything I needed was already on my dashboard. The Customizer doesn't work properly in many cases, and conflicts with dashboard options in some cases. It's no wonder newbies can't figure things out.

    Worse, although you and others make valiant efforts to answer questions in the forums, apparently many go unanswered (I've posted at least 4 in the last two weeks about image sizes and display, with no response at all.)

    Bottom line ... yes. It's all understandably very confusing and frustrating for new bloggers.

  7. I think it's criminal that it does anything more than show a blog excerpt/teaser and a link to our blogs where they can read the full post, Like it, Share it, and/or comment on it.

    I do agree with you but I wouldn't use the word "criminal". As I have worked as a paralegal in criminal courts and for both prosecutors and defense counsel, I don't use that word lightly or out of that context.

    As mobile viewers can view the whole post even when we insert the more tag it peeves me that the passive aggressive message appears there at all.

    The learning curve to become a blogger has become so steep that I'm peeved off about it but I have to send some folks to Blogger, Tumblr and Medium. They can write well and have excellent grammar and spelling as well as having something unique to say. They only want to write and they aren't dull witted. They have good reading comprehension skills and can navigate the support docs. The bottom line is they aren't into standing on their heads and spitting nickles to do it.

    Support Staff are doing the best they can to service support requests. I find unbelievable insane that support staff are allowed to work banker's hours and not on weekends. Picky - choosy your hours - as if! This is an IT business. IMO what needs to happen now to improve the situation and reduce the waiting time for those blogger needing help and waiting for days to get it, if they get it at all, is implementation of a 24/7 scheduled rotation for Support Staff.

  8. As it happens, I had the last word on that thread you linked. Looks like I summed up my views pretty well at the time.

    I agree support should be provided 7 days a week, even if not round the clock. It's logical to assume that a large percentage of bloggers will be active on evenings and weekends, and that's when they need support.

  9. Oh, and my apologies for using the word "criminal" so loosely. I know better. I just didn't take the time to think up a more appropriate adjective. "Inexcusable" would work.

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