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Li'l problem with layout... help!!

  1. see it by yourselves:

    the links, the search bar and everything else is at the bottom of the page instead of beside. I changed the layout a lot of times but it's the same. And sometimes a little smiley appears below the header.

    Please, If you can see it, tell me what to do!! ;___;

  2. Either the images in the content section or the ones in the sidebar are too large for the div they are in.

  3. You have a stray closing div tag in one of your posts, I believe the one "Angelic Rumble Party."

  4. Good catch matt. That's what I get for jumping on the usual solution and not looking at the source code.

  5. thanks... i'll try to make it a little shorter... I've already shortened it, but maybe if I erase the category and create it again with a shorter name...

    ***edit... well, that didn't work... maybe if I delete the pics...

  6. I'm going to ask a dumb question here as I'm not used to this theme.

    That smilie face on the bottom of the header wouldn't be doing anything to effect it, would it? When I bring it up in Netscape Composer, It's showing the smiley as existing between the two columns. That might be what is throwing it off.


  7. *BINGO*

    You're missing a /div mark.

    Looking at the source code for your home page of

    Do a text search within the sourcecode for the text 'sidebar'. There's only one hit.

    Right above it is two /div marks. Needs to be three. I add it here on a local copy of the page and it works fine. Still want to know what's up with that smiley face though. :)

    One of the great things of Netscape Composer that I like is you get a graphic of the html marks. You can click on it and it'll show you what part of the page is covered by that mark.

    Of course now, you have to figure out where in the theme the missing /div mark goes. How did you get a non standard theme anyway?

    Hope this helps,

  8. non-standard theme? that's Kubrick with a yellow header, not quite enough to make it a totally new theme (alas)

  9. non-standard theme? that's Kubrick with a yellow header, not quite enough to make it a totally new theme (alas)

    I thought we couldn't change stuff like that.

    /me gone to look

    I guess we can on that theme. The ones that I always pick, you can't.

    Sorry about that,

  10. oh, my. I didn't get a nonstandard theme!! I use one of the default themes, and I don't have any way to edit HTML O_____O and yes, it's a yellow Kubrick... I'm starting to panic...

  11. Me too have the same problem,since i cannot edit the there anything else i can do other than changing to another theme? By the way Matt i am not able to find any stray div tag in my posts..(which are only two! easy to find)...SOS...hurry please!

    I also must add that i had the problem with two other themes here!!

  12. problem solved...i deleted and reposted..all's fine now.

  13. you deleted every single entry??

    well, I'll try too, but with a backup... so I won't lose my entries...

  14. yay, it worked!! thanks, efficientacade!!!! you saved my blog X'D

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