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Limit characters in codefusion atom feed

  1. Hi everyone, I'm using this code to display a wordpress atom in a codefusion website, but i need to limit the characters displayed in content, because is displaying all content

    anyone know how to limit this content?

    Thanks for you attention

    <cftry><br /> <cfhttp url="" method="GET" resolveurl="No" ><br /> </cfhttp><br /> <cfset blog_xml=XMLParse(cfhttp.FileContent)><br /> <cfoutput><br /> <cfset displayChar="10"><br /> <cfloop index="x" from="1" to="10"></p> <li> <span class="titulo-noticia"><a href="#blog_xml.feed.entry[x].link.xmlAttributes.href#">#blog_xml.feed.entry[x].title.xmlText#</a></span><br /> #blog_xml.feed.entry[x].content.xmlText# </li> <p> </cfloop><br /> </cfoutput><br /> <cfcatch><br /> </cfcatch><br /> </cftry>

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Exactly what are yoy trying to achieve? And exactly which blog are you referring to? vs The differences >
    code >
    posting source code >

  3. I'm trying to limit this


    to 50 characters or more, because is displaing the full content of the post

  4. To limit what displays in the RSS feed for your posts go to this page > Settings > Reading and look for:
    For each article in a feed, show
    __ Full text

  5. I see... but still displaying more text than I need, it is possible to decrease the characters of this summary?

  6. Exactly which blog are you referring to? Please post the URL.

  7. #blog_xml.feed.entry[x].sumary.xmlText# ---> Change the code to this

    I limit heigh of the span element with css ... many thanks for the help

  8. Exactly which blog are you referring to? Please post the URL.

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