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"Limit content width" -- anyone psyched out how to use?

  1. Hi folks:
    On the CSSs Stylesheet Editor page is an option called "Limit content width to [ ] pixels", with a "more info" link that takes you to a support page that doesn't mention it.
    Anyone know what this option is supposed to do and/or actually does? On a fixed-width template a number appears here, but on the several fixed themes I tried (eg: The Journalist), changing that number doesn't seem to have any impact. On flex-width themes, it defaults to zero, but setting it to some other value again appears to have no effect. (I had been holding out hope that setting a zero might cause a fixed theme to act variable... no dice so far.)

  2. gwideman, it overrides the maximum width for images. If you've used CSS to alter the width of your main content column, or set it to a fixed width with the Sandbox theme, you can set that value to make sure your images are resized appropriately. (Full size images aren't affected).

  3. OOOOOOOooooh. So "content" here does not refer to the content area (ie: the div that customarily has id = "content"), rather it refers to images (plus perhaps other embedables like videos?). In that case the prompt could stand being much clearer. Mutter mutter. But nice to clear up that mystery, Thanks!

  4. Well, it does refer to the content div - it just tells WordPress what the width of the content area is so that images can be made to fit. And videos, come to think of it. Probably other widgets in future also.

  5. Thank you, tellyworth. I didn't know what it was for either. Now I'll include this info in my Sandbox skins.

  6. > Well, it does refer to the content div - it just tells WordPress what the width of the content area

    ... but I think I now understand that it doesn't in any way control the width of the content div. At most (it sounds like), it relays to the WordPress admin UI a width value to impose on images (etc) so that they fit within the content region. (And presumably an associated idea is that WordPress admin UI can't just read this info from the theme, because maybe the actual content area won't be consistently within a div id'ed "content"?)

    Anyhow... hopefully I've got this right. At the very least I can stop fiddling with it with false expectations :-).

    -- Graham

  7. Graham, you are right on. We have just updated the note on the Edit CSS help page to say "limit width" instead of "limit content width" and added a little more info. about it to the Editing CSS help page.

  8. I just noticed the prompt had changed and a blurb added, so I came back here to say so, but you beat me to it. Thanks designsimply!

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