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    Some of my pages can be navigated to in more than one way, for example the “Blog” page appears in the main menu at the top as well as in the drop down from “Connect”. When I am on the blog page both the words “Connect” and “Blog” in the top menu are emboldened because the page I’m on links to each of them (Blog has no parent page so it is not emboldening because Connect is it’s parent).

    I want to change this so that the relevant word in the menu is only emboldened if the page I’m on is one of its children.

    Does anyone know if this is possible and if so how to do it?

    The blog I need help with is


    I’ve looked at this and can’t see a way to exclude one when the other is clicked and then exclude the other when the other is clicked.

    I’m wondering why you have “Blog” listed twice in your menu? The top level location of the Blog link seems the most appropriate for a link to your Blog to me, I would not thing of looking on “Contact” for a link to your blog.


    No, you’re right, it might not make sense to have blog appear in the Connect dropdown as well as at the top. We’re still thinking the Conenct content through. I just wanted to know whether this detail would be possible. Thanks for confirming that it’s not – might help our decision making!


    You are welcome.

    As a suggestion, when you are using a custom menu, I would not set pages in a parent/child relationship as that can cause things like you are seeing when a child page is on a different menu than the one the parent is on.

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