Limit of viewers for private blogs?

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    Just to be sure: is there a limit of viewers for a private blog? From the support pages I understand, that for private blogs I can invite unlimited viewers.
    But from Forums and other WP-users, it seems sometimes that there is a limit of 35 viewers for private blogs… Is that so? Can somebody please give me a straight answer?
    It´s kinda confusing….
    Thanks a lot,



    Ok, it seems like I found an answer. For those who ask themselves the same question, here is what you´re looking for:



    how do you allow a viewer to become an author ? i can’t seem to
    find this answer anywhere….. thanks



    Adding Viewers to a Private Blog
    If you want others to be able to view your private blog (and add comments, if you’ve enabled them) you’ll need to invite them to be a viewer.
    After they accept the invitations to become viewers you can change their user roles >
    Please try removing the viewer from the list and then re-invite that person as an author.



    thank you timethief !



    You’re welcome. :)



    Excuse me for jumping on this thread, but timethief I have seen your expertise with other questions on these forums and can’t quite find my answer.

    In this same vein of private blogs; I want a private blog where I can invite followers so that they can receive email notification when I add a new entry. Is that possible or are my only options to invite them to be a contributor to my private blog, which makes them create a wordpress ID and then add a widget for them to receive RSS feeds? I am revitalizing my blog because before, that is all I could do and people had sooooo much trouble getting into my blog and then couldn’t follow it and would forget to come back and look. I know I can make it public and they can follow with no problems, but I want to remain private. TIA!!



    All readers of private blogs have to have accounts, but you don’t need to start a blog, you can just register an ID.

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