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Limit on number of contributors?

  1. My wife needs to set up a class blog to which 25 students will be contributing. I see there is a limit of 10 on invitations. Is that 10 at a time, or 10 total?

  2. Only 10 invitations can be sent at a time, but you can send as many sets of 10 (or less) as you'd like.

  3. macmanx, is there a limit of contributors with a free account (I am happy to upgrade if need be)? Let's say 1000 contributors for clarification purposes. I am considering allowing followers to post to my blogs. Make it more interactive. I currently have 2500 plus followers on facebook. Before I make this offer, I need to be sure I will not be limited. Thanks!

  4. @magpublisher
    If you are referring to a public blog there is no limitation on the number of official users assigned differing user roles that can be added to the blog. In the case of private blogs up to 35 is the limit and beyond that an Unlimited Private Users upgrade is required.

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