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    Hi there,

    I recently posted on someone’s blog using a Facebook log in – I’m fine with having my picture, even my name, but I’m a little uncomfortable with the fact that my comment now links directly to my personal Facebook profile and I’d like to change it.

    How do I go about managing and limiting the personal information given with this type of log in? I’ve removed the app data from Facebook but wordpress is still retaining all of the personal information.

    …and if there is now way, how best do you go about removing items?

    Its not so much an issue of what’s in the post, its just I’d rather not give everyone the link to my facebook.

    many thanks for your time and patience




    Sorry to shout, but it is not possible to limit the amount of personal information shared when you use a social media login like that. The amount of info shared is up to Facebook, not you. So do not use a Facebook sign in EVER if you do not want to share access to yourself on Facebook with anyone who reads that blog post.


    How do I go about managing and limiting the personal information given with this type of log in?

    Don’t put that information on the web to begin with.



    Thanks for your replies…

    Unfortunately my time machine is broken so I’m not able to go back and warn myself. The lesson is indeed learnt and so won’t happen again – not that it helps me in my current predicament. Any other suggestions as to how I can rectify would be gratefully appreciated.

    I must admit that if you are correct in saying that I’m helpless and nothing can be done – I feel a little cheated that there is no way to edit the personal profile implanted by Facebook. It seems unfair that despite severing the link from Facebooks side, the link still persists in wordpress.

    Do I not have the right to ask a website to remove my personal data from its services?

    To cut a long story short, I received a number of sexually explicit messages from a rather odd individual who stated they’d seen my profile from a blog post along with the comment “I wondered if you’d like a stalker, so here I am” – I’ve blocked and reported them, but I’d like if possible to can stop this from happening in the future.

    Apologies, I’m not having a great day, sorry for sounding shirty :(

    Again any help would be greatly appreciated

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