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limit reached

  1. I am trying to sign up for a blog, and a screen pops up that says limit reached. Please try again in 60 minutes. Is there a way to by-pass this?
    Blog url:

  2. That's an anti-spammer measure. Why would you want to bypass this?

  3. I would like to bypass this, because I am trying to create new users for a class and it won't let me.

  4. You can't bypass this -- sorry.

  5. At this time, the limit cannot be bypassed, as it protects from becoming a spam-filled mess.

    For classes, I recommend having the students sign up on their own as a homework assignment.

  6. Macmanx, you haven't taught highschoolers lately, have you? We are also trying to sign up students in my photo classes and are running into the same situation. I'll have them do it as homework, but then I'll get blamed by the public for being a bad teacher when they fail the assignment. :(

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