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limit the number of words on Facebook automatic publish

  1. telbitconsulting

    I see that the automatic publishing on Facebook has changed.

    Now there is a summary of the blog posted before the featured image and link.

    How can I CHANGE the number of words automatically published on Facebook?

    Thanks, Mike

    The blog I need help with is

  2. jeremeylduvall

    Hey Mike!

    The easiest way to specify what text appears above the link when the post is Publicized to Facebook would be to set a custom message. There are some instructions on doing that here:

    If you're in the new editor, you can add a custom message as shown here:

    There's no need to manually add the link to the end of your custom message. We'll add it for you. Here's a screenshot of how that should be displayed. Can you give that a try?

  3. telbitconsulting

    OK, thanks. I will give this a try. :-)

    But, hey, you just made it harder to post, I am all about easy in my old age.....haha

  4. jeremeylduvall

    Not trying to make it hard, just improving how Publicize works with Facebook! If you notice anything that's not working correctly, please let us know.

  5. telbitconsulting

    Works great! Thanks for the advice!

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