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    Right now, my most popular category is stuck at (50) in the Category Widget, but there is more than 50 entries in that category. Is there a limit in the display of the category cloud?

    The blog I need help with is



    Please provide an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question when posting to this forum. The Categories widget is configurable. I am not aware of a limit other than the one we ourselves set inside the Category Cloud widget. Go here > Appearance > Widgets and click the right hand corner of the Category Cloud widget and open it. You will see this:

    Max number of categories to show: ___

    Exclude: __



    I have checked the support documentation for widgets & sidebars and cannot find an entry for the category Cloud widget at all. I do know that the Tag Cloud widget will display the top 45 most popular Tags you assign to your posts.


    I have checked both : my max number is way over 50 and my “top 45” works with my tag cloud, but I have both.



    I’m sorry but I can’t help with this. I have shared all that I know. Staff will reactivate the support link early Monday, September 26th (UTC). Then you can contact theme and get a definitive answer re: whether or not there is a limit in the display of the category cloud widget.


    In theory, in free themes there’s no limit to the number of categories you can display. But only the categories assigned to published posts will show up.

    But the discussion here is pointless, as you’re using a premium theme: you should ask at the forum for premium theme users.



    Hello again,
    Please click this link and post to the Premium Themes Forum.

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