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    I know that the WP is limited to 3GB images storage, But I want to know:

    – Is there is a limit for number of blog visitors?
    – If I have a domain that is added through JetPack and I deleted the blog but, I will register it with soon, Delete the account or keep it?
    – Is the blog delete if it have low number of visitors?
    – Can I add a shown HiStats counter to as a widget with xhtml or iframe?



    There is no limit to the number of visitors and there is no such thing as Staff deleting any blog for low visitation. Blogs are deleted only when the Terms of Service are violated. No iframe codes or JavaScript will sustain on any free hosted blog. The software strips the code out to preserve security on this multiuser blogging platform. Histats code is JavaScript and you cannot use it. You can use sitemeter or statcounter provided you get the non-JavaScript code version only.



    I searched for a way to use the HiStats counter, It’s possible, You can use the hidden tracker with no JavaScript.


    I’m happy that I helped with anything for this great community :)

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