Limited Access from my Stats page…. buttons not working.

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    access buttons such as New Post, Comments, My useraccount and search do not work on my stats page.!/my-stats/
    i’ve cleared the cache and cookies but it still does not work.
    Can not access the “Find Friends” “Manage my Blog” “Help” or “Sign Out” buttons from my Stats page.
    Just started today wed July 18th
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    these are the buttons that normally activate when they are moused over.
    They are located on the top right of this page… to the right of the blue texted
    “Update to Pro” button.



    Me too – same problem. Been like this for a few days now.



    Hello there,
    Will you please provide some specifics so we can determine what’s causing your issue? How are you connecting to the internet and to
    Exactly which browser and version of it are you using?



    I normally use Chrome. Also tried Safari and Firefox. Doesn’t work on them either.


    I use two different browsers on two different computers.
    I.E. does not have the issue.

    My brother’s computer uses Firefox and does have the issue.
    I have found “work arounds” on Firefox that allow me to access
    those functions. Mainly by accessing my Dashboard and then accessing the buttons from that page.



    Just tried IE – doesn’t for there either. Must be something to do with my registry.

    It’s very strange because I have been using wordpress for about 18 months with no problem and then one-day it doesn’t work.

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