Limited comments to 250, yet it shows 525, no new pages

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    Below is the URL where the comments are, and you can see that it shows page 1 where it should be page 2 for 525 comments. I added the pages to comments two weeks ago. Does the change only affect brand new posts/ articles since I reset it? This occurred after the theme changed unexpectedly to Coraline. I did it via Discussion settings…Break comments into pages with 300 top comments. When it works, how will these new pages show themselves..i.e., will there be a next or previous at the bottom of comments?

    Is there another fix that is available? Did I do something incorrectly? This article above for comments is running EXTREMELY slow, so we do need a solution.

    B B.

    The blog I need help with is


    The setting works, it creates pages with “Older Comments” / “Newer Comments” navigation links, and it affects all published posts. But you’ve set it to “break comments into pages with 300 top comments” while you only have about 130 top comments: the rest are replies. Solution is a low number.



    I see, so the program is counting original comments and not the replies to that original comment.

    OK, great, I will lower the number considerably. Say 50 top comments and then it will break into pages. Did you really count those top comments? Or else you got the number from somewhere!

    Thanks so much. Will do what you said. It is so appreciated.


    You’re welcome.

    (No I didn’t count the comments one by one: I viewed the sourcecode of your post and pressed command-F for instances of “depth-1”, a code snippet that is particular to top comments only.)

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