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    Hello everyone!

    Now that Facebook has made it easier to share with different groups of people through the “lists”. I have made a list of coworkers, family, close friends etc. I only want to share my wordpress blog with my family and close friends, not everyone. How do I do that?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    Just to clarify, are you wanting the blog to be visible only to people on this list, or are you wanting to email a link to your blog to the people on the list?



    Or were you referring to the “publicize” feature on the “my blogs” page in your dashboard?



    While I don’t use the Publicize to Facebook option, I’m assuming that the ability to limit it to one list or another would have to be done on the Facebook side of things. Perhaps this Support Doc will give you more information:

    There is a note in one of the screenshots there that you can change permissions from the applications settings page.


    @micah- yes! I only want the blog to be visible to people on this list when I publicize it from my dashboard.

    Thanks everyone for your help.



    How do I post public updates to my subscribers?
    When you’re about to post something to your profile (timeline) , set your in-line privacy control for the post as public. This will share your update with your subscribers and allow anyone to view the post.

    How do I see who is subscribed to me?
    If you’ve allowed subscribers, you can see the people who have subscribed to you by clicking the Su…
    How do I manage my settings for subscribers?
    After you click Allow Subscribers, your settings will appear (see the Edit Settings button on your Subscribers tab). From there, you can edit your comment and notifications settings. If you want to update these settings later,

    From your profile (timeline), click the Subscribers link on the left menu
    Click the Edit Settings button in the top right

    Subscribers: Click “On” to allow people outside of your friends to subscribe to your public updates.
    Comments: Click “On” to allow people outside of your friends of friends to comment on your public updates.
    Notifications: Choose when you’d like to be notified when someone new subscribes to your public updates. Choose “No One” if you never want to be notified of new subscribers. If you’d like notifications about new subscribers, decide between notifications about Everyone or only Friends of Friends.

    Please note: If you already allow subscribers, people who send friend requests that you ignore, delete or hide will become subscribers. People you unfriend will also become your subscribers. If you don’t want a specific person to subscribe to your public updates, or want to disconnect from a specific subscriber, you can block them at any time.



    My advice is bipartite:

    Do NOT use Publicize if you don’t want it as widely public as possible.

    Ask Facebook how to share certain things with only certain people. That’s a FB thing, not a WP issue.

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