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Limited image size

  1. I have deleted some images from my blog but only have 3mb of space. Do I have to upgrade to add more images with my posts?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No, you started with 3 GB of space for uploaded files (images/pictures). not 3 mb! That is enough space for thousands and thousands of properly compressed pictures. I have 4452 pictures on one blog, using only 8% of the free 3 GB of space. In the early days, I uploaded larger files than needed for viewing online; now my images are compressed to less than 100 kb each (mostly under 50 kb) and there is plenty of space left…

    I didn't see any full-sized-upload-directly-from-the-camera pictures when I did a quick perusal of your blog. Are you saying you are running out of space?

    dashboard—>media library—>"You are currently using X.X MB out of 3.0 GB upload limit (X%)."

  3. Yes, I am running out of space. Image uploader says I can only upload a 3MB image. Yikes!

  4. Sorry, that should have been 3KB

  5. Yikes! Do you recall ever uploading extra large files? Perhaps a vacation or holiday? If so you can make more space by deleting and replacing them with smaller files…
    You could buy a space upgrade:
    Or start a new blog (not searchable by Google et al, not private) and upload pictures there, link to them on your original blog. Drawback is that it will increase upload time, and you couldn't use galleries and slideshows.

    I'll modlook this for staff to take a look. Maybe there has been a mistake, or perhaps they can find which of your pictures are so large.

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  6. Hi teaandscones,

    It looks like you have indeed used up your 3GB of storage on your 2699 images in your media library. You will need to either delete some of these images or purchase the space upgrade if you wish to upload additional content.

  7. Hi jackiedana,

    Is it possible for staff to find a group of large image files? I was interested in this thread because I uploaded a bunch of full-sized images to one of my blogs (all at the same time). It was foolish, but if I could filter the library(ies) for file size, then I could find them again.

  8. I was looking at the photo from 12/31/09. It is 510x383 pixels. It is 140 KB. How do I make it smaller still.

  9. Hi teaandscones,

    You could compress it with PhotoShop or other image editing program.

    But 140 KB is not really an excessively huge file. You'd have to delete it from the library, then upload a compressed version, and finally re-link to the (new) smaller file in your post. IMO a lot of work for not much saved file space. 140KB is not that very huge! And the files I looked at randomly on your site were much smaller…

    When I look at my iPhoto files, uncompressed and uploaded directly from my camera they get to be 1.5 MG and larger. I never upload them to any of my blogs without compressing them.

    The files I mistakenly uploaded were from my job, all with long strings of numbers rather than names.

    The question is:
    Can there be a way to sort media files by size? Or can staff do such a sort?

  10. so how come all my pics have used up so much space. I don't have THAT many pics on my blog.

  11. I don't understand either. It makes no sense to me. (looking several times at random posts about image file sizes on your site: they are all small—maybe I'm missing something?)

    How many pictures does it say you have in your media library?

    And did you ever upload some directly from your camera, even by mistake?

    As I said earlier, my blog has 4452 images with lots of space left for more, so I would like to understand what is going on. I don't remember which account I uploaded the full-sized images to (foolishly) so I'd like to know if there is anyway to see and sort images by size of files.

    Sorry I cannot add anything more. Perhaps I or we should post in the ideas forum that sorting media files by size would be useful?

  12. I have 2699 images and I know I have uploaded several directly from my camera. I didn't realize that was a bad thing. I have started downloading first to my documents now.

  13. @teaandscones, it looks like you have a mix of images. While some are quite small, you also have a large number of images that range between 2MB and nearly 5MB in size. Unfortunately I don't have any easy way to generate a list of them that you could use.

    Since most of the images are attached to posts already, simply deleting them isn't a great option, so you may wish to purchase a space upgrade and in the future be sure to resize images before uploading them, which will have the added benefit of making your blog load faster.

  14. Thanks, y'all for all the help. I will figure out the best way. And since I am retired I have time to go back and maybe redo some of them.

  15. Hi teaandscones,

    I'm glad I could help, though I wish I could have made things a bit easier for you. We just don't currently have a way to generate a list that could be useful to you.

    Have a nice weekend!

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