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Limited Password Protection

  1. electricprophet

    Why is it that when I try to password protect more than one post I have my most recently password protected post safe, but the older posts are sudden available for reading?

  2. It doesn't work that way. What's probably happening is your computer is storing the cookies to those posts. To test, do the cookie dance: log out, clear browser cache and cookies, restart and look again, without putting in the passwords or logging in.

  3. electricprophet

    Well, I tried this a couple of times and it did not work. My older post is still showing up without the password protection, but in my queue on my dashboard it shows up as being protected... I don't know what's going on...

  4. Give up a link to one of the posts in question.

  5. electricprophet

  6. That's asking for a password for me.

  7. electricprophet

    Thank you, but then how can I fix the problem of not being able to tell whether it's working. If, when I have logged out, I still see the post, that worries me because I can't tell if everyone else can see it or not.

  8. Logging out doesn't clear the cookies. The computer and know quite well you put the password in, so as a matter of convenience they don't make you put it in twice. But if someone has not put in the password, they won't be able to see the post unless A) they're using your computer and B) you didn't clear the cookies and cache.

  9. electricprophet

    Right, like I said, I cleared the cache and cookies but it didn't work. Whatever, as long as the password protection is working, then I'm alright.

  10. electricprophet, I checked your blog and both posts are password protected. I entered the password for one and only that post showed up.

    The password you enter will be stored in a cookie so you don't have to enter it each time you view the post. The symptoms you are describing are exactly what would happen if you didn't remove the right cookie.

  11. electricprophet

    Thank you all for your prompt responses and helpful resources.

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