Limiting comments and rolling to another page

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    I went to Discussion, then Settings, and checked Break comments into pages, and stated to do this when the comments reach 200. When I read about page comments, it says ” In the Default article settings there are three options. These settings are defaults for new posts or pages, which can always be changed individually on each article.”

    First question, what do you do to change it so that comments will be limited on older articles? Where do I make the change for individual posts?

    2nd, Am I reading it correctly that it will only take effect on new articles? So I will have to go back to all old articles and make whatever change is indicated. Correct?

    3rd ,How will I be able to tell where the pages are? How will they appear as page 2 or 3 etc.? Where will it be indicated?

    If it makes a difference, we have the Coraline theme.

    Thanks for your assistance..

    The blog I need help with is

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