Limiting "Home Page" to show posts in only 1 category?

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    I would like my “home page” to show posts in only 1 category (vs. showing ALL posts). Is there a work around to make this possible?

    If this is not possible, I thought about making all posts in that category sticky, to have them float up to the top and “take over” the home page. But that seems to override the post limit setting – it seems the sticky posts are not counted in the post limit, and the posts spill over onto a new line (which is particularly ugly in my theme – Spun). Is there a work around to prevent this from happening?

    Thanks very much in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    That is only possible if you have the CSS upgrade. Do you?


    Yep! Haven’t made any customizations yet, but I’d like to think I can learn quickly!



    Hmm, you might not need it after all. See here:


    I actually saw that when I was Googling before posting on here, but then I read this comment:

    “Lastly, some users ask if they can make their blog front display or exclude one particular category of posts. The answer to that is no: your blog front displays your latest posts, regardless of category. You can limit their number (Settings > Reading), including no posts at all if you set your front to display a static page, but you cannot pick by category – except if you have the Custom Design upgrade.”

    But he didn’t explain how to “pick by category” if you DO have the Custom Design upgrade?



    I know for a fact he’s told someone here how to do it, but they had Custom Design. Let me do a search and see if I can find it.



    Thank you so much!!

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