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    I find the stats counter/feed counter features very helpful with my new-ish blog <;. What I care most about, like many writers, is being READ, and that can only happen if I can get the eyes on my site to begin with. While I do realize that many– most? :) — of my first-time readers either arrive by accident or aren’t interested, my feed counter shows me that a percentage of them do stick. Therefore, it is helpful to me to see where the readers come from so I can go to those sources looking for more… e,g, technorati, digg? (see WordPress doc to find more about these) The search engine stats are mostly just funny (I enjoy that!) but also sort of helpful(to see what general things people are interested in. NB: it’s good to post on seasonal/topical subjects, but I STILL won’t give in and blog about Paris Hilton!!!)

    The CLICKS stats are still somewhat mysterious, however. I don’t have much of a blogroll yet, but I do embed links in my posts, and very few folks seem to use them. **however**, comments they make later suggest to me that they HAVE checked my links, so perhaps not all of these clicks are being registered (perhaps some people are able to do something at their end to keep out my nosy eyes?) How reliable/complete ARE the CLICKS stats?



    I have two blogs. On the clicks are zero in the widget, but they are beginning to appear again on the dashboard even though I know the three currently there are probably my own clicks. On there are 10 clicks shown on the sidebar widget, not all myself, but they haven’t changed in 48 hours.

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