Limits of custom CSS upgrade?

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    Without the CSS upgrade, the online editor strips out STYLE and CLASS elements from the HTML written into a posting.

    Are these elements left in by the editor once the CSS upgrade is purchased?

    For long posts I’d like to include a Wikipedia style table of contents in a right floating DIV element.



    I can do this even without the CSS upgrade if I make sure to have the inline CSS in Div and span elements.



    The CSS upgrade has no effect at all on the post editor.



    You can add styling within div and span tags within posts such as:

    [div style=”font-size:12px;color:#009″]blah[/div]

    Kind of a pain, but works. You can do the same with text widgets. In order to change the style of the existing theme/template, however, you’d need to do a CSS upgrade. That’s why strips out [style][/style] containers – if they allowed it then everyone could work around the $15/year CSS upgrade by putting their custom CSS fr the template into a text widget. Well, everyone with a clue anyway…

    I gather that’s also PARTLY why JavaScript isn’t allowed. The claim is for security, but I know if I was allowed JavaScript I would be enhancing the template appearance by writing in a custom style container using JavaScript. Still, even if they didn’t care about that, it is a security issue since most people host their blosg on the domain and there would be serious issues about cookie security and worm spread.

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