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lindsay lohan charity or what??????

  1. recently i read in d newspaper that lindsay lohan on her visit to india for charity purposes made a documentary out of it and made more than a narcissist effort to highlight herself. i dont get it people!!!!!!!
    y sould one try and make such a ghastly mistake of projecting oneself as GOD............

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't like her. She used to be okay when she was a child actress. Now she's just a little too slutty and annoying. You see all these magazines in line at the store that say she's broke or whatever, and then you hear that she's two months behind on rent (totaling $23,000). Wouldn't it just make sense to live somewhere significantly cheaper?? It's stupid. "Oh, poor me, I'm so broke, yet I can afford a very expensive apartment". Pure BS.

  3. taylorcommunications

    Have you heard her on twitter? I have been following her for pure entertainment purposes, and it's hilarious.

    She say's she's done with the clubs, yet posts every night about this new dj she saw and club she went to. Or she's saying she loves her mom, and how much she hates her dad and the media, etc etc.

    To me, she's making herself a target. She complains about it, but I secretly think she loves it.

  4. Informal studies show that enjoyment of life increases in inverse proportion to the amount of time spent paying attention to celebrities.

  5. That's funny. I try not to pay attention to it. It's not even very interesting.

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