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    I have read in the news Blog that you have updated the Editor. But the new handling of line breaks is worse than before. If I make a line break through “enter” there is always much space between the two lines. This is because each manual line break causes a new coding. If i earlier clicked on the end of the last line and did press “del” the p tags disappeared and the line break was caused through a “br” tag. This is not working anymore. If I click “del” on the last line before the line break the editor deletes the complete line break. So I will have only line breaks through p tags or none line breaks, if I do not add a br tag in the editor manually. The earlier behavior was much better, because it left me the choice if I want a big line break with more spacing or just a small line break with br.

    I hope you understand what I mean. If not tell me and I will make some screenshots.



    Are you using TinyMCE – the rich text editor?

    Easy answer is turn it off. I don’t use it on any of my blogs and don’t have any problems.

    If you’ve already turned it off then *shrugs* I’m sorry I have no idea…




    Yes, I am using it. But it did work before the update on the Tiny Editor. That’s why I am so surprised.



    From the other threads, it appears that they are having issues with it.



    How could I get only one empty lines between two lines of text and not two in comments ? (this does not happen in posts).

    It is the same thing for my readers of for me as administrator.
    When I type a line break I get two blank lines and not one.
    In the menu Comments Comments, a comment appears with one empty line between two lines of text but on the blog itself it appears with two lines.
    I tried changing the empty line by

    <br />

    but the editor deletes this html tag.
    So at the moment there is no choice between two lines or no space at all.

    Do you have any solution ?



    I think this is a part of your theme – it is not happening in mine. a paragraph mark in mine just does a single line break, not the double you are getting.




    Yes, it is a part of the theme (here Andreas09) : a single line break is always replaced by a double line break ; I think that it is not normal.

    I tried two other themes : Fardastic and Garland. This time, when I type a line break, there is a single line break in the code and it is shown as a single line break. If I type two line breaks, they are shown as a single line break but in the code there are two line breaks.

    I think it would be necessary that WordPress does what the author wants : no line break if he does not type any line break, one single line break if he types a line break and two line breaks if he types two line breaks and not any kind of change behind his back :-)

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