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    I’ve got a wordpress blog, and have managed to get a feed working on my website, but there a line break appeared that I really done want. I’ve looked at the generated code and there’s a thing called ‘snap-preview’ there. Can I anyone help?

    Here is my wordpress blog:

    here is my site where I’ve made a xsl fiel to pull the feed in:

    In the wordpress blog, there is no gap under the date, but in my site there is. Anyone any ideas?


    try changing the padding for h3 in css code.



    You can try turning off the snap preview – go to design > extras in your dashboard and uncheck “Enable Snap Shots”

    Not sure if that will take it out of the code, though.


    Or, if you don’t have the CSS upgrade, just paste this before the text of the post (in the html editor):
    The “snap-preview” bit is irrelevant.


    Oops, hi, my “Or” refers to particlesofspirit’s suggestion, not Vivian’s!



    I dont have any attributes for H3 in my css? there’s definiately a line break in there. does anyone have an example of a xsl file or the code they use to pull a feed into a page they have created themselves?

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