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    I think that’s right?! I am a total newbie at using HTML, but I’ve looked in both the support area and the forums…still can’t seem to get my question answered.
    I want to see the text on a particular page moved down several lines, as well as have several lines between the end of the text and the “bottom” of the screen. It looks like I should use the
    code, but when I put that in and “update” or even just go back to “visual” mode, it disappears?

    The blog I need help with is



    To make line breaks in the Visual editor, you click return (enter) for a paragraph break and shift-return for a line break. In the HTML editor, you click return (enter) twice for a paragraph break and once for a line break. Here is a summary of some handy tips. WordPress Formatting and Spacing


    Thanks, but those tips aren’t working. It appears to work, but if I “update”, or “preview” or even flip from “visual” to “HTML” or vice versa, the spacing disappears.



    I’m sorry but I don’t know how to rectify that. We Volunteers cannot view previews on other blogs. Only Staff have that ability and I have flagged this thread for their attention. You will have to post the title of the draft post for them here and then they will check it out.


    Oh, okay, thanks. I can publish it, if that would help.



    As Staff can see it in draft and as you don’t want to publish a post that’s not correct in it’s formatting I suggest you leave it as a draft.



    The br tag is used to create a line break. Line break doesn’t mean blank space between lines, it means a return: a new line within the same paragraph.

    The br tag is absolutely useless in the post editor: a) it’s automatically produced when you press return in the HTML editor or shift-return in the Visual editor (it’s just hidden from view in the HTML editor); b) the web standard is one blank line between paragraphs, so you can’t use the br tag repeatedly (or press return repeatedly) to create more space like you would do with a typewriter. To create extra space you need to add padding or margin. Is the text on that particular page a single paragraph or several paragraphs?



    By the way, I just looked at the sourcecode of your front page: you need to correct the coding, because 1) it’s redundant as redundant can be, 2) the font you’ve specified won’t work for most users.

    Re 1, instead of all the coding you’ve used you only need this:

    <div style="text-align:center;font-size:150%;">

    (You can change the percentage, to adjust the font size.)

    Re 2, a font cannot show up if it’s not installed in the visitor’s computer. Segoe Print isn’t a common font, so most users will see what the theme or the browser uses as a substitute when the specified font isn’t available (I’m seeing your text as Georgia instead of Segoe). Unfortunately when you specify a different font in the HTML editor you must confine yourself to the small number of “web-safe” fonts – see here:
    For fancier results you need the Custom Design upgrade.


    Please pardon my ignorance, but I didn’t write any of that code…I used whatever was in the “visual” tab automatically. Oh, the FRONT page..okay, I’ll change that. I copied it from a word document, so that must be why. The only HTML I did myself, or tried to, was the apparently useless br one.
    I didn’t even know I had “chosen” a font, I simple used the bold/italic buttons.

    The page in question (although it applies to other pages as well) has two paragraphs, one written like a verse of poetry (used the block quote) and another “normal” one. I also have another page with only one paragraph that I want to do the same thing with.

    I apologize if I’m asking really stupid questions, perhaps I should have said that I need this kind of stuff explained as if I’m a toddler. :) I appreciate the help you’ve both given so far.


    How do I add padding or margin?



    1) Never copypaste from Word into the Visual editor, as it introduces lots of junk code. If you have to copypaste, paste into the HTML editor so that only the text will be copied, then continue formatting when necessary via HTML, or via the tools of the Visual editor (which are very limited).

    2) For multi-paragraph pages, add this at the very beginning (in the HTML editor, of course):
    <div style="margin-top:44px;margin-bottom:33px;">

    and this at the very end:

    44 and 33 are just examples: change them to adjust the space.

    3) Is the single-paragraph page plain text or have you changed its styling? If it’s published, link or point to it please.



    That’s not the single-paragraph page.

    But since you linked to it… Much redundant code on this page too (that’s one of the defects of the visual editor tools). Turn this:

    to this:
    <blockquote style="text-align:center;font-weight:bold;">

    and remove all of these:

    <p style="text-align:center;">

    If you’re interested in working in the HTML editor, you should probably start studying my relevant posts:

    Also, to prevent accidents that might mess your blog, go to Settings > Writing, check the option “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically”, click Save Changes.

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