Line breaks disappear no matter what I do.

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    If you look at the referral pages, such as this one..
    You’ll notice Debbie Bruns is right after Ashley Benz’s email. I can put a line break there then it’ll happen somewhere else. It’s never ending.

    On a slightly related note, I thought maybe I could change the format completely but I can’t get table borders to show up.

    The blog I need help with is


    Line breaks in the visual editor are done by holding the shift key down while pressing return/enter.

    If you are doing it in the “text” tab in the editor, then use this break code:

    <br />

    Note the space between the “r” and the forward slash.



    Yes. I do both of these things. It will fix the area I correct, but another area will automatically wrap.
    I can have it all looking the way it should and save it, and within a couple days (if not sooner) it will magically wrap itself once more.


    Are you adding things to that page on regular basis?

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