line-height not working properly

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    The CSS text property line-height is not being applied properly after I use a table and a horizontal rule <hr />. It is as if some default were being applied. My blog is at:

    The first paragraphs on each page are applied correctly. But after I use a table, the next paragraph uses the wrong lineheight. It is as if somewhere in the code, a missing </div> or </span> was causing some other style to be applied just for this element.

    1. Could this be a bug in CSS display that is particular to my browser? I am using Firefox on Windows.

    2. Could this be particular to the Theme I have chosen, and the CSS associated with it?

    I can remember in the early days of stylesheets, how this was a roperty that just didn’t work right on a lot of browsers. Is that still the case here?




    It looks perfect in IE7. There are parts of one of my blogs that Firefox won’t display at all but which are fine in IE7.



    You can see how your blog looks in different browsers here:

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