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    I am trying to widen the container of my wordpress. I appear to have managed to do this but there is a still a thin margin line between the content and the side bar which is inappropriately placed which I’d like to move so it’s next to the sidebar.

    Can anyone help me? Linke:
    Theme Blix

    The blog I need help with is


    The background for the container is an image and that grey line is in that image. You can get ride of the grey line with the following.

    #container {
    background: none repeat-y scroll 500px 0 white;

    Actually, to keep the line try the following. I just noticed that the image is not full-width so I just adjusted the horizontal positioning value. I’ve put in the absolute URL since if we kept the relative URL, it would break in your custom CSS.

    #container {
    background: url("") repeat-y scroll 710px 0 white;

    Both worked! Thank you =)


    You are welcome.

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