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Line space insertion won't survive UPDATE

  1. Cannot permanently insert line space. I get my layout in great shape, hit PREVIEW and it still looks good, hit UPDATE and all the blank line insertions I made to separate stories disappear. Photos creep up into prior stories, etc. When I reload and look at the HTML all the <@Nbsp gone and
    never works.

    I'm working in a one column format , one of the Spectrum options, for a page destined to be our Home Page on Sept. 15. "" Any ideas.


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  2. Hi...OK, not sure I understand why but I guess I already learned that the lhard way. Question is how can I insert a line space in a Private page (have to use Update and not Publish) in order to get it ready to publish? Is there a workaround? Many thanks,

  3. Hi, Timethief... Problem solved. You provided a link on a 2009 Forum to that covers insertion of blank spaces between paragraphs and sections. Google is a great soruce to search support responses. Many thanks,


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