Line spacing in bulleted list items

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    Sorry to bother you good folks, I hope I’ve not just missed something but I have searched and can’t find any answers.

    When I try to use a bulleted list, I find that the text in each bulleted item is crammed together with a very small vertical spacing; where body text is spaced more and is easier to read. Is there some way that you know of that I can change the line spacing just for bulleted items without affecting the rest of the post?

    I’d appreciate any suggestions.


    In typography jargon the distance between lines of text is called leading – but the html command for it is “line-height”. So, to change the distance of the items in your list, go to the html editor and change
    <ul style="line-height:1.4;">
    (or whatever number will give you the distance you want).



    Fantastic. Worked like a dream, thank you. :o)

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