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Line Spacing Not Showing Up Properly...

  1. I'm using the Kubrik theme for my blog. Very often I want to create line spaces between certain entries (please see here:

    As you can see, each entry is too compressed from its preceding and subsequent ones and I'd like to add at least one or two more line breaks between them. Having done some research on this forum, I tried putting in <br> commands between them but they still don't work.

    How can I achieve my desired look? I'd like to stick with the Kubrik theme because its austerity matches my blog.


  2. Are you using the Rich Text Editor?

    Try turning it off and then inserting the code

    < br / >

    Note the trailing forward slash. Whilst not required, it is to web standards and will mean that your blog *should* still be standards compliant.



    EDITED cos I screwed up the text. take out the space between the < and > signs.

  3. Trying with the backticks:

    <br />

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