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Line striking through

  1. I noticed on my blog there is a line being struck through my recent comment entries and through then names of the commentors in the comments section of my posts. I've never seen this before. Any idea what this is?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Which post are you talking about? I just looked a several with comments and see no line through the comments.

  3. @TSP

    When I'm logged into WP and look at the 'recent comments' in my sidebar I see a line going through the name of the post which has been commented on, and when I look at the post(s) in the comment section the name of the commenter just below their gravatar is struck with a line. This is in every post I have published. Is that a bit clearer?

  4. Update

    I just went to onecoolsitebloggingtips and I'm seeing the same thing. There is a line being struck member names in the comments sections. Even the word 'reply' is struck with a line. Unless there is a problem with my account only ...I wonder what's happening?

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