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Line through title

  1. hi
    can anyone advice me on how to get a line through one word in the title? (eg: a strikethrough)
    I want my title to read: A years' escape sabbatical" but with the word "escape" struck out -- (bit of humour for the family).
    any help appreciated - am using pilcrow

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Every post title is a URL and I don't recommend using any special characters in any URL.

  3. You can try adding the tags for del for delete/strikethrough to the title, but there is very limited support for HTML in titles here.


  4. thanks - do you mean somewhere in the CSS script?
    I put this in the title itself, but it did not work...

  5. You would put an opening del tag before the word "escape" and the closing del tag right after the word in the title field for the post in the editor.

  6. You cannot add HTML tags to a site title. Using CSS, you can add a strikethrough, but it would be for the entire title, not just one word:

    #site-title a {

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