How can I add missing translations in the theme I am using?

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    We are purchased the Linen theme for our site. Our blog is in French and there seems to be a bug with the translation of category page titles. It seems to be hard coded in english.

    For example:

    Ideally, we would like the title to simply be the category name (not “Posts from the <category> category”) but if at least it could be in french that would be great.

    Is there anything you can do to help us with this?


    Blog url:


    Staff translation is a project open to the community of users, you can participate to it by submitting the missing translations.

    This way, you will accelerate the resolution of your specific issue, while helping the whole community.

    To access the Linen theme translations in french, please click here ( you can log in with your user account ).

    Homepage of the GlotPress project:



    Thanks for the quick response poalal! I have submitted a translation for that string.

    I guess it has to be approved somehow. How does the process of translation approval work and how much time is typically required to promote translations to production?



    Thank you for participating, your translations should be approved and deployed soon.

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