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    hi there,
    i was given help to center my navigation menu through css, but now it no longer works. when i hit save, the command deletes!
    /* Center navigation */
    #navigation {
    width: 734px;
    margin-left: auto;
    margin-right: auto;
    padding: 0 83px;
    this is what i’m using, but it won’t seem to stay. i have two other commands, and those are still there, so i don’t understand what’s happening… help please!!

    also, is there a way to capitalize the page names in the navigation bar? or at least make them bold?

    The blog I need help with is



    Staff provide CSS editing support but note this notice posted at the support link please:

    Support will be closed this Sunday and Monday. It will re-open on Tuesday, February 28th. The forums are open over the break.


    This part of the code should get saved without any trouble:

    #navigation {
    padding:0 83px;

    I checked your Appearance → Custom Design → CSS page, and I see that you were able to save the CSS code you mentioned. If you’re still having any trouble, can you please post back with more information?


    Hi there,
    Sorry for my delay… it is still not staying or changing to being centered. I don’t know why it used to be centered and now it’s not. This is everything that it says in my CSS field:

    #navigation {
    padding:0 83px;

    .post-date {

    I would like for it to also be centered, and for the it all to be in CAPS. I tried plugging in /* Center navigation */ and it didn’t work… I’m really not sure what to do!

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated again, thank you!


    To center the menu items in the Linen theme and to try to tighten up the spacing a little, try replacing this:

    #navigation {
    background-color: aliceblue;
    padding: 0;
    .nav {
    text-align: center;
    .nav li {
    margin: 0;
    display: inline-block;
    .nav a {
    padding: 10px;

    This may also just be my personal preference, but I’d suggest experimenting a little more with the menu background color. You might use “aliceblue” like I used in the example above instead of “#3AAACF”. Or you might use another color from


    Hi Designsimply,

    Thanks so much for your help on centering, it definitely helped!!!
    As for the colors, I couldn’t agree more that they’re horrific. Unfortunately, someone else chose them and after trying to convince them otherwise, this is what they selected. I’ll try and sneak this blue in with the change, but will likely have to change it back.

    Do you also know how to make this navigation bar in bold on in caps? I tried messing with the fonts, but since it’s the same as the body it changed everything. Is there a way you know to only bold the Nav menu?

    thank you SOOOO much for your help!!!!!


    Hah! I hope they keep the new one. :D

    Do you also know how to make this navigation bar in bold on in caps

    Yep, try adding this to the #navigation block in your Appearance → Custom Design → CSS page:

    font-weight: bold;


    Great!!, Thank you so much, this was very helpful :) If only the whole color scheme were different… ;)


    I love colors, so I hear ya. :)

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