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Lines in posts doesn't break

  1. New to blogging, I need help to have the correct line breaks in my posts. My blog is and I use the theme Connections.

  2. Did you try using
    <br />

  3. That &nbsp should have a semi colon on the end and that only produces a non-breaking space.

    The BR should work but you may need to switch to code mode to be able to insert it.

  4. RATS! an oversight ... but, in the nick of time I edited and slipped it in.
    Thanks C*

  5. I hoped for a solution without using codes in every post. Could there be a checkbox to check somewhere in the controlpanel?

  6. Nope - sorry there isn't one now. If you would like to suggest one to staff heres's the link to do so

  7. Thanks for the help anyway

  8. You're welcome and best wishes. :)

  9. Hi again.
    Now I've solved the problem without using codes :-). I just go to the code area, and shift to a new line. In this section it doesn't add an extra line.

  10. Thanks for sharing the "fix" with all of us. :)

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