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    Had very few issues with WP in the past but over the last 24 hours I’m having a nightmare lining up images and text at the top of posts. When it is previewed it looks fine and then when I publish the text is lower than the top of the image. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?


    The blog I need help with is


    Do you have an example of this that we could look at?



    On this post I have had to line the image up with the second paragraph because if I lined it up with the first paragraph it appears above the text. The problem seems to get worse when I include a caption. It was fine right up until yesterday when this started happening.

    When I start a post I have also noticed that in the post box the text seems to be starting slightly lower down than normal. It’s only a small issue but it’s just a bit annoying!



    OK on that one above the top line of text I’m seeing two empty paragraphs


    Open the post in the editor, switch to the HTML editor and put your cursor at the very beginning of the text for the post. Then hit backspace/delete until everything moves up to the top line. You should then be able to insert the image at the top and have things line up correctly.


    Many Thanks, sorry been out for a bit, I’ll try that and let you know!


    Hi again, thanks, that didn’t work as in HTML the lining looked fine, as it did in the preview. However, I have just gone in again and re-edited the piece by taking out the image and re-inserting and it now seems to be fine.

    Thanks for your advice.



    This appears to be a new bug in the visual editor. I hope it gets fixed soon. See

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