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lining up social icons in text widget top of sidebar

  1. I have seen a blog with 4 social icons lined horizontally across the top of the sidebar, each with it's own link to the correct social page. I understand how to use the text and image widgets, but can't find a solution to having them appear as one unit. Can anyone give directions how to do this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We capture the images and upload them and display them in a text widget. Most find it easier to create a draft post and do image linking and image alignment in it, and then switch to the HTML edior, copy the code, paste it into a text widget and then delete the draft post.

  3. The easiest way to do this is to create a draft post or page and use the tools in the editor as explained in this support document. I usually insert them in from within the HTML tab and before inserting the next icon, make sure that the cursor is at the end of the previous code.

    Also, when inserting the images, make sure and set the alignment to "none" and then in the link URL field, put the URL of the appropriate social media page.

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  7. You are both so awesome! It worked! THANKS!

  8. You are welcome.

  9. susanavello5857

    What about if you want to have your social links on either side of the side bars? That's what I'm wanting to do.

  10. @susanavello5857
    Is what you are saying is that you want the same social networking icons in two different sidebars on the same blog?

  11. @susanavello5857
    If you are new to blogging you may benefit from reading this as my response to your blog was to back off and click out >

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