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    When I copy the link of my website to facebook, a different logo appears. The image widget I used is the one that is appearing on the link. How do I resolve this? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    I did a forum search for you and here’s a Staff answer I found:

    1. If a post/page has no featured image or uploaded images, Facebook will display the Blavatar as the thumbnail.

    2. If a post/page has a featured image, Facebook will display the featured image.

    3. If a post/page does not have a featured image, but has images uploaded into the text area, these will be selected by Facebook — up to 5, in the order of most recently uploaded. These images must be uploaded directly, not inserted via the URL or Media Library tabs.

    Finally — once a page has been shared on Facebook, the images Facebook found on its first look are stored in a cache. If the images on the page are changed, Facebook doesn’t check until the cache expires (which is unpredictable, can take days or weeks).

    There’s a way to force Facebook to check again, which is to use the Debug tool mentioned above. Copy the link of the post and paste it into the blank of this page, then click the Debug tool:

    This also works to update the page’s text excerpt displayed by Facebook.

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