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    Same issue here. Still waiting for the team to fix it.



    Please stop posting to every darn links thread! You are making us Volunteers tag behind you and say the same over and over.

    The choice is before you. Either upgrade your IE browser to IE8, or switch to Firefox and use the HTML editor to enter links, or wait until things are rectified.



    timethief, the problem occurs in IE8. The choices are to use HTML editor or a browser other than IE.
    Also, the link you keep posting says nothing about the problem.



    Staff ie: designsimply states above:

    The insert link button is not working properly in IE7/8. We’re working to fix it.

    In the mean time, you can either type the link manually using the html editor or use another browser to get around the problem.

    So there you have it. I’m using Firefox 3.6.12 and the HTML editor and having zero problems.


    It still does’t work. I am beginning to worry.



    Worry about what? Staff are working on this. In the meanwhile this ie what I am doing and it’s working fine for me. I use a Firefox 3.6.12 browser and the HTML editor to enter links. I create the post in the Visual editor and then switch to the HTML editor and highlight the anchor text I wish to link to with my mouse. Then I click the “Link” icon. and you enter the URL. It’s easy as pie.



    Why don’t we have the option to go back to the previous version of WordPress until this beta is fixed?



    We never get that option. We haven’t had it in the past and we don’t have it now.


    It isn’t that easy to roll things back because typically each major new release of wordpress requires changes to the MySQL database, and it is hard to take those backward after anything new has been added (bloggers making changes to their blogs) after the upgrade was done. Things can be lost.

    It is really sad that this had to happen.

    For those using IE7, I would suggest updating to IE8 (don’t go to 9 as it is still beta and has issues) not only for the issues here, but also because of security issues. IE8 is more secure than IE7. That is no guarantee you won’t still have problems though.

    The other option is to install Firefox and use that until the IE issues have been worked out. Again, not what most will want to hear, but it is at least an option and will get you back to blogging efficiently and with a lower stress level.



    “We never get that option. We haven’t had it in the past and we don’t have it now.”

    Why not? It would prevent most of these complaints and ill-feeling towards WordPress.


    Did you read my post about why going back is a problem?

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